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  1. It was a long time ago, but I have been busy and it completely slipped my mind. I purchased a Spikes Tactical Honey Badger lower from your store around November, and was to have it sent to PSA. It never got there, I checked with all of the stores in SC and non of them had it. Do you know where the lower is, was it sent back, can I have it sent again to a different place?

    • Emailed you on 4/8. might be in your spam folder. Give us a call at 910-378-7020

  2. I’m still awaiting an answer on where the honey badger stripped lower that I bought and had shipped to Charleston is. It’s been along time (since November), and I have called all of the PSA’s to find it’s whereabouts. All I’m looking for is an answer on where it was sent. If it was lost in transit I need to know so I can contact the ATF. Your timely reply is appreciated.

    • Emailed you on 4/8. Might be in your spam folder or blocked since you are using a .edu address. Give us a call at 910-378-7020

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